“When I started bodybuilding back then Reg Park motivates me to train myself with gigantic arms ”says Arnold Schwarzenegger to build gigantic arms through his training motivation. His arm circumference was 56cm, which was a sensation at the time.

Arnold tips for big arms:

  • In my active years I have my arms all the year long trained hard
  • To stimulate arm development, you have to exercise hard
  • I've forced my muscles to keep using it all the time heavier weights To finish.

To my Mass training for the upper arms I would like to say that although I did the complete Program in one training session, but anyone can Section as a specialization program for that body part can use.

Arnold's bulky arm mass program:


  • Enges Bankdrücken. This was one of my favorite tricep mass exercises. You do them like a normal bench press, except that your hands are about 10 inches apart and your arms are closer to your torso.
  • Triceps extension on the lat pulldown. Take a tight grip on the bar and keep your elbows close to the sides of your body.
  • Lying triceps extension. This is arguably the greatest triceps exercise of all. To do this, lie down with your back on a flat bench and hold a barbell or an SZ dumbbell with your hands 20-25 cm apart at arm's length in front of your chest.
  • One-armed triceps extension. This rarely used exercise is one of the best for the triceps, especially the inner head.


  • Longhandle curls. With it you really build mass. Take a medium-width grip to put direct strain on your biceps.
  • Sitting dumbbell curls. I've always preferred the supinated version of this exercise. I started with my palms facing my body, and as I lifted the dumbbells, I turned my hands outward so that I was fully supinated at the top.
  • Scott-Curls. This exercise literally explodes the biceps into new growth. I always turned the bench so that my arms were straight down so that I could take more weight.

Arnold's upper arm program


  • Close bench press 5-6 x 8
  • Triceps press on the lat pulldown 5-6 x 6-8
  • One arm triceps press 6 x 6


  • Langhantelcurls 6-7 x 6-8
  • Sitting dumbbell curls 5-6 x 6-8
  • Scott-Curls 5-6 x 6-8

That was the Completion of my rough, tough upper arm routine. After the triceps and biceps I trained my forearms.

After such an intense workout, you have to a three to four day break insert so that the muscles can completely recover, regenerate and grow.

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