The records state that Arnold strong on Pull-ups und Pull-downs concentrated to build his lats. Not just a few sentences - he works them hard and without a break, variants with a narrower and wider grip, a V-bar, behind the neck and on the chest, with additional resistance or without any. Who wants to argue with the results?
But hear for yourself what Arnold said about back training:

• “The latissimus themselves give you the V-shape. You will achieve tight back muscles through other exercises, such as rowing and bending over. "

• “No comprehensive bar training is complete without pull-ups. This is how wide-grip pull-ups lure the lats to come out. For maximum stretch and contraction, lower yourself to the lowest point of each rep and pull yourself up until the barbell touches the back of your neck. The wide grip tempts you to do half repetitions, but you will develop better with full repetitions "

• As you bring the handle on the chin-up bar closer together, the lower lats will develop. together with the intercostalis, reinforced. Try a series of sets starting with a wide grip and ending with a tight grip, tightening your grip a little on each set (principle of muscle confusion).

• One method that was particularly effective for Arnold was. do the total number of pull-ups for the workout, say 50. “For the first set, do 10 reps. You might be struggling with the second at eight. You have now done 18 reps. If you can do five on the third, it'll be 23. You keep doing this until you get 50, even if it takes 20 sets. That's how I built up my pull-up strength, and I was very successful with it. "

• You can start tying weight around your waist. At that point your muscles really start to grow. If you insist on doing chin-ups without weight, your lats will not respond ”(principle of progressive overload).

• If you are not strong enough to do pull-ups, Arnold recommends that you start with pull-ups. “Increase the weight until you can do lat pulldowns with your body weight. If you can do about eight repetitions on the machine, you can move on to the pull-up bar. "

"After every set of back training, you should 'hang up' to stretch your lats."

Arnold Schwarzenergger

• “To build muscle depth in the back, I use movements like bent barbell rows, one-armed dumbbell rows, and deadlifts.

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