Name: Eduardo Corrêa da Silva

Place of birth: Florianópolis - Brazil

Date of birth: June 20, 1981

Height: 1.70 m

Off-season weight: 104 kilos

Weight competition: 91 kilos

In this interview, Eduardo talks about his muscle mass secrets. Its diet and training for more muscles. The interview helps beginners and professionals to more muscles and more strength.

What's yours In your opinion the best mass exercise?

EDUARDO: Ich denke, es ist Deadlift. It's a full body exercise that lays a great foundation for all sports.

What are the best Mass exercises for the individual muscle groups?


Chest: dumbbell flyers on the incline bench at 30 ° Tilt

Back: T-barbell row

Shoulders: Overhead press on the multi press

Biceps: Seated dumbbell curls

Trizeps: Trizepsdrücken

Quadrizeps: Frontkniebeugen

Hamstrings: Leg curls while lying down

What's the best Mass Building Training Split?

EDUARDO: Quadrizeps, Waden

Chest, biceps

Triceps, calves

Back, stomach

Shoulders, calves

Quadrizeps, Bauch

With this split, I can completely focus on my priorities focus. But every bodybuilder can of course have one, his own split according to individual needs.

How much rest should to treat a muscle group before training it again?

EDUARDO: I would say five to six days. It depends on how you are feeling and how the regeneration proceeds.

Plays the weight matter, and what are the ideal set and rep numbers for the Mass building up?

EDUARDO: On what what matters more is doing each exercise correctly. There is none Rules for sets and repetitions, you have to experiment yourself and find out what works best for you. But I think four sentences eight to 15 repetitions each are a good guideline to use should orientate.

How long should you pause between sentences?

EDUARDO: The The break between sets should be at least one minute. But she can also be longer - depending on which muscle group you are currently training.

How many exercises should you do per muscle group?

EDUARDO: You should worry less about the number of exercises and more about yourself rather orientate on how many sentences there are in total. I do it myself usually around 18 sets per muscle group.

With what equipment is the best way to build mass?

EDUARDO: Now, I personally often use dumbbells and barbells, but also machines and Cable pulls have their value.

What do you think of Techniques such as rest sets, forced repetitions and Negative Reps to Build Mass?

EDUARDO: I think of it a lot. I actually use all of these techniques and in addition Reduction ratesto shock the muscles and stimulate new growth.

What is the greatest Mistakes To Make While Trying To Build Mass?

EDUARDO: If is more concerned about weight than correct technique. Sloppy Repetitions take the strain off muscles and can cause injury to lead.

You graduate Cardio or ab training during the bulk phase?

EDUARDO: Though I do less of it than in preparation for a competition, but still do I regularly do both one and the other.

Are you sticking to Mass gain of a certain daily amount of calories?

EDUARDO: I do not pay attention to a certain number of calories, rather I choose high calorie foods.

What are yours Favorite Bulky Foods, and Why?

EDUARDO: I eat prefers fatty steak and saithe instead of chicken and tilapia. As Sources of carbohydrates I prefer rice and potatoes because they have more calories have as rice cakes and sweet potatoes, which I prepare for in the competition hold.

What supplements do you the best at building muscle?

EDUARDO: Protein, Amino acids, carbohydrates and Creatin in powder form. I also recommend products for digestive health.

What else should you do still consider if you want to build up mass?

EDUARDO: As a beginner experiment to find out what works best for you works. If you really want to do this sport seriously, then you should look for a good and experienced trainer, one with good advice can stand aside. This saves time.