How disappointed I was when I saw some of the top professionals training in the Golds Gym in Venice saw. I still remember exactly how the bad boys Paul Dillett, Flex Wheeler und Chris Cormier did a full shoulder workout without heavy weights, but they had such massive bodies.

Flex Wheeler and Paul Dillet

Paul, Flex, and Chris did a lot Repetitions and short breaks until his deltas were almost as big wie Basketbälle. „Pumper“, dachte ich ver­ächtlich.

My respect went to the "whole guys" like the one back then Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates und Ronnie Colemanpushing and pulling enormous weights.

That's how I did my workouts, and I was proud of the high numbers on each exercise. It's no coincidence that I've had numerous injuries, just like Yates. I dismissed the undoubtedly existing results of the pumpers as a mixture of genetics and doping. They all looked like freaks and I just looked too human.

Mit den Jahren nahm ich auf Anraten des Trainers und Ernährungs­-Experten John Parrillo das Dehnen der Fascia in my units. Last I went to Doggcrapp* trained, which also includes active stretching of the fascia. It is said that the fascia (the hard connective tissue around all skeletal muscles, with a higher specific strength than steel) severely restrict muscle growth.

Doggcrapp (DC) is a high-intensity training method developed by Dante Trudel. Everything at DC is designed for low volume, high intensity and progressivity and is only suitable for advanced athletes.

Sie kön­nen also essen und trai­nieren, um das Wachstum zu stimulieren, aber die Faszien verhindern das, indem sie Ihre Muskeln in ein straffes Korsett zwingen. Read more about stretching and strething here DEHNEN IST KEINE ZEITVERSCHWENDUNG > >

After a conversation with the nutrition and exercise expert Hany „the Pro Creator“ Rambod* it was finally clear to me that while stretching did expand the fascia, I would achieve the ideal result with an optimal pump.

*Hany Rambod is among other trainers of Phil Heath und Flex Lewis.

already read..?

Research shows: You graduate eight to twelve repetitions, the best chance the muscles will grow. More about Muskelpump > >

I suddenly realized why many pumpers became so massive even without heavy weights. They filled that Muscles with more blood than ever before, pressed outward against the fascia and forced them to expand.

If you have a problematic part of your body, compare its pumps with other muscle groups. If it's not that strong, try more repetitions, many sentences with short pauses, Reduction rates und Supersets.

Training methods for bessen pumps

  • viel Wiederholungen
  • many sentences
  • Reduction rates
  • Supersets

Eat for a better pump

  • viel Kohlenhydrate
  • drink a lot
  • NOX Booster

Essen Make sure you get enough carbohydrates before exercise, drink and take plenty maybe a NOX booster. The solution for stubborn body parts or could even be for overall gains, not just for those Basic exercises to get stronger, but also for a hell of a pump too to care.

Bottom line: it's nice to lift heavy weights. But believe me, that alone is not enough for bigger muscles.