Wenn Sie etwas über Strength training want to learn, this guide is for you.
You've heard of all of the benefits of weight training and the promise of a stronger, healthy body got you thinking.

Maybe it's time to try this out? Who wouldn't want to live fitter, happier and longer? Not to mention strength and fat loss.
Fortunately, years of research into strength training have already created the blueprint for beginners. So, let's start with the best strength exercises for beginners.


Whenever we listen to weight training, we usually imagine someone lifting weights. It could be a strong, muscular torso of a man who is one Deadlift pulls with double body weight with a curved, curved bar.
You might see a professional athlete in the squat rack working through a complicated routine - headphones on and fully focused.

The truth is, these scenarios are more for the serious specialist. Strength training is the simple idea of ​​moving weight and then combining your movements with increasing intensity.

This is called progressive overload , a major reason for musculoskeletal adjustments.
Think of strength training as combining exercise with weight. You yourself are a weight that you carry; you don't always need additional weights.


Strength training isn't just about stärker zu werdenbut to improve almost every aspect of life. Health, happiness, and hormones can all be increased by lifting. The lean, powerful physique is also something positive.


The hint is hidden in the name. But stronger muscles aren't just for the gym. They make everyday activities like unloading the trunk or picking up your kids easier and safer. Weight training is also proven to increase the amount of testosterone in the body, a vital hormone responsible for muscle growth and fat loss.
Andere Sportarten? Being stronger could improve your game. Age? Sarcopenia - also known as muscle wasting - can be delayed.


Weight training also holds some secrets. Not many people know it's that Bone density and the Bindegewebe Stärke can increase, making you less prone to injury.


Recent research suggests that weaker people die younger, with overall strength being a key indicator of mortality.

Stay stronger to live longer, that's our motto.


Stop Obesity and Lose Weight. In addition, simply lifting weights can burn fat both during and after your workout.
Compared to fat, muscles have a high energy requirement. The more you have, the faster your metabolism is.


Mental health is today's job for good reason too.
How we feel has a huge impact on our general wellbeing. Therefore, it is just as important to pay attention to our minds as to our bodies. Who would have thought that strength training could help here too? Strength training has been shown to help improve mental health. Fighting off depression, calming fears, and building a sense of self-confidence.

Exercising is a great way to unleash energy, be focused, and prove to yourself how powerful you really are.

What are the best strength exercises for beginners?

With advanced exercises Or starting a professional bodybuilding workout from a magazine is never a smart move, especially when the dreaded overtraining or injuries arise.
But we have all the advice you need to get started right. Once you master these beginner exercises, you will have a solid foundation on which to develop over the years.

Weight training is like building a house - first, you set a flawless foundation.

Run 8-15 Wiederholungen everyone exercise for three sentences through, about drei- bis viermal per week.

Rest as long as you want between each movement and choose a weight that you can move with proper technique.

Willst du abnehmen? Combine these exercises with a reduced calorie diet.



The body weight squat is an essential strength exercise for beginners. It puts a lot of strain on your entire body and is the first step in becoming a squat pro.
Because of the amount of muscles that activate squats, they're a real calorie burner.
Stand with your feet around your shoulders apart - slightly straightening your toes 10 to 20 degrees. Bring your chest up and proud. Keep your arms forward to keep your balance. Keep your upper body in tension. Your back should stay straight from start to finish.




Learning to do push ups is the next step in your strength training. Not only is it a basic exercise for a strong upper body, but it gives your glutes enough strain to get stronger.
If you are familiar with push-ups, you will be perfectly equipped to handle heavier weights later. Place your hands flat on the floor just below your shoulders. You can do this on all fours to make things easier.

Next, take a step back with both feet until you are in a top one Plank Position are located. Try to make your body as straight as possible - think of your head, shoulders, and hips in line.

Lower your chest to the floor while keeping the tension in your back. At about 45 degrees, keep your elbows slightly toward you and support your body.


It's a great isolation exercise for working those tight back muscles. As a counter exercise, it also helps to compensate for the dominant front pressure of the push-up.
Put your knee on the bench and put the same hand forward. Position your hand under your shoulder for support and prop your core up. Grab the dumbbell and pick it up. Now pull the barbell up until your elbow is in line with your shoulder. Take a second to contract your back muscles. Mehr über Rudern in Vorbeuge > >


Stand again with your feet hip-width apart. Take a dumbbell and let your arm extend fully so the back of your hand is in front of your thighs. Tuck your elbow in your side as you bend the barbell up. Really focus on isolating your biceps and let them do all the work.


Progressive overload forces your muscles to work harder and create positive changes in them.
One of these adjustments makes you physically stronger, which explains why weight lifting is often referred to as strength training.
If you didn't continue to challenge yourself, you would reach a level of strength and stay there. The progressive overload will make you fitter and stronger and faster!
Taking your body to new heights is also a great tool for weight loss.
If you did the same workouts over and over, your body would adapt to them. After a while, it wouldn't be difficult anymore, which means you would probably need less energy to complete it.
Similarly, you continue to build muscle, which speeds up your metabolism and promotes fat loss.
Achten Sie darauf, dass Sie jede Woche oder so in kleinen Schritten (< 10%) schrittweise die Belastung für Ihre Muskulatur erhöhen.

Take a relaxing week about every six weeks to help you recover.


Starting weight training could improve almost any aspect of life. What you choose not only makes you fitter and healthier, but potentially happier and stronger too. Remember - everyone starts at some point. Start slowly and use a journal to track your progress. This ensures that you are using a progressive overload and will be a great motivator over the years. There's nothing like looking back and seeing all of your hard work in black and white.
Combine these exercises with a reduced calorie diet if you want to lose weight.
Complex exercises usually burn extra calories compared to Isolationsübungen. So make them the main part of your workout.