The Company Conan Nutrition was founded in 2001 in Berlin.
The idea generator and founder is Chris Krzysztof Romanow, who has been a passionate and active strength athlete himself since he was 15.
"I wanted to produce products that I would use myself" says the founder of Conan Nutrition.

100% transparency is not just a slogan.

All raw materials und all accessories will detailed published on the company's website. The team also offers something very special in the supplements industry.

All products are in independent laboratories tested; the reports can be seen on the homepage or can be downloaded as PDF.
more transparency und security cannot be guaranteed to customers. Aside from the very laudable company policy, Conan Nutrition only uses high quality raw materials die von renommiertem Rohstoff Produzenten kommen.

Conan Nutrition Highlights:

  • 100% transparency
  • all ingredients are listed in detail
  • current laboratory reports
  • high quality
  • wide range for all sports

Conan Nutrition doesn't just focus on that Strength athletesbut tries out athletes anderen Disziplinento achieve with a wide range of products. The range can be divided into three pillars.

Pillar 1 - Conan Nutrition

Sind innovative Produkte for weight training: bodybuilding, powerlifting, strongman. Martial artists and endurance athletes are not forgotten either. At Conan Nutrition, every sport is served.

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Pillar 2 - Conan Nutrition Veggie

All products from the Veggie range are produced without animal raw materials. Not only fans of the vegan lifestyle are among the customers, but also athletes Food intolerances such as. Laktoseintoleranz oder Gluten intolerance.
The well-known products of the Veggie range include Rice protein, pea protein and synthetically produced BCAA.

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Säule 3 – Conan Nutrition Protein System

These products are free with each other combinable products.

Who does not know that? You won't find any products on the market that contain 100% what you need. With the Protein System from Conan Nutrition customers can mix their products together according to their needs. In addition, all products can be given an individual flavor.

The offer currently consists of over 60 different flavors.

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  • Gründung: 2001
  • Zertifikate: GHP, HACCP
  • Herkunftsland der Rohstoffe: EU