Have you ever wondered about the exact process Competitive bodybuilder in den Tagen vor einer Show durchlaufen, indem sie Trainingsvolumen und -intensität, Kohlenhydrat-und Proteinaufnahme sowie Salz- und Wasserverbrauch so verändern, dass sie optimal aussehen?

Also if you have no stage ambitions, the principles that apply here can einfach von jedem Bodybuilder angewendet werden, der konsequent Diät and for a specific event like a beach vacation or a Photo session wants to look optimal.

follow these ten steps to get in your best shape ever!

Who starts regularly Bodybuilding competitions attending will notice that some attendees look short and flat on the primary but full and vascular on the evening show. Others look puny all day long, but would easily take overall victory on Sunday or Monday. This happens even at the professional level, and you hear explanations like "I missed my best form" oder "I stopped too late"when they present the figure at the photo op on Sunday or Monday that they should have brought on stage on Saturday.

What explains so the dramatic change in a bodybuilder's figure in just twelve to 24 hours?

The biological explanation involves a unique interaction between water and glycogen (stored carbohydrates). By carbohydrates first use up (called “discharge”) and then take up (“load”), bodybuilders can appear enormously massive and sharply defined on the day of the competition. If the timing is not right, they appear small, flat, and smooth.

It's that simple - and this is how it works: The stored form of sugar is glycogen, each gram of which binds three to four grams of water. Competitive bodybuilder take advantage of this fact by starting to empty their glycogen stores about a week before the competition. They also limit water absorption. After a few days of emptying (usually Sunday to Tuesday), they switch to a phase of carbohydrate loading (usually Wednesday to Friday evening) around the Glycogen levels to increase greatly.

Indeed After a period of emptying, the muscles store more glycogen than under normal circumstances. Additionally, the muscles begin to draw water from under the skin because every gram of glycogen binds three to four grams of water. The final result are glycogen-filled and therefore much larger and fuller muscles. In addition, the vascular system enters through the withdrawal of water under the skin more clearly. The whole process can take anywhere from eight to 72 hours. Therefore, bodybuilders who look flat and slick on the primary can use the Evening show look so much fuller and harder.

The reason so many bodybuilders look so good the day after the show is because of the traditional one "Big eats" after the show. Most promoters rent a nightclub or restaurant, and after a few months of strict competitive diets, most bodybuilders indulge in a feast of culinary debauchery. The next morning they wake up full of glycogen and as hard as steel. Then of course it's too late. With detailed records of your body's diet and response, you know how far in advance you need to start preparing for your next competition. If you looked good at the evening event, the next time you start charging half a day earlier. If you are in top form on Sunday, you move everything forward by one day before future competitions. Top form on Friday means that the preparations for the next competition start one day later.

Naturally the capacity of glycogen storage in muscles is limited, and when they do If you are saturated, excess glycogen can be stored in body tissue will. This can lead to a build-up of water under the skin which the causes dreaded "smooth" or "bloated" appearance. The worst scenario is a slippery face in the area code and a rock hard one at the finals.

The whole poses under the hot spotlights at the area code are sweating excess water and leaves a person's true muscularity durchscheinen. The Problem ist, dass der Effekt erst am Abend sichtbar wird. Da Most placements will be decided in the area code, the Contestant likely not getting the placement it would have reachable. This situation often confuses viewers because they don't understand why the best figure didn't win. Those who go to Go primary will understand what happened, but the majority of those watching the evening show has no previous reference point. All they see is a great looking figure placed lower than expected.

As Perhaps expected, long-chain carbohydrates fill stores in the loading phase apparently much better than short chain ones. Most bodybuilders quit Focus on two staple foods in the pre-competition diet: Brown rice and yams. Both are full of long-chain carbohydrates that slowly get into the blood pass over. They support a constant release of insulin (im In contrast to the huge peak from simple sugars), which in turn is a Promotes maximum glycogen synthesis. Simple sugars are either used as energy burned or stored as fat. To load carbohydrates, they are one bad choose.


We're hiring to help you get started Step-by-step program in front. We advise you to adhere to it carefully for the first competition. Depending on how you look on competition day, you may need to adjust it next time. Only one person can tell how your body will react to given circumstances - you. It might only take you twelve hours to fully charge the carbs, or it might take three to four days. The chances are good to very good that you won't hit the nail on the head the first time. You may have to experiment for two to three competitions to find “your” formula. But if you do that, the results are worth it and cannot be overlooked!

Step 1Increase sodium intake from day 13 to day 2 (Sodium / potassium game)

Salt Eat every bite and use regular soy sauce, not low-sodium. This ensures that the level of aldosterone in the body stays low. This Hormone regulates the body's water and electrolyte balance. If you at Starting on day 2 to limit sodium, your aldosterone levels will rise. If you start the sodium restriction late, the aldosterone level can not go far rise enough to create ideal conditions for later excretion of water and to manage the withdrawal of water from the correct areas of the body. If Carbohydrates, water and sodium are needed to get glucose into the loads To transport muscle cells and to raise the glycogen level.

step 2Drink plenty of water through day 1

To get the full benefits of carbohydrate loading, you need plenty of time by the day before the competition Wasser drink. Glucose is transported into muscle cells along with sodium, and this transport is followed by water. Drinking large amounts of water also causes the body to excrete water stored under the skin. This gives the muscles a harder, vascular appearance.

step 3Start carbohydrate emptying on day 7

on days 7 and 6, reduce carbohydrate intake by 50 percent. To the on days 7 and 6, reduce carbohydrate intake by 50 percent. To the Days 5 to 3 reduce the carbohydrates to 100 to 150 grams a day. Try to get all carbohydrates out in long chain form, for example Brown rice and yams, too.

Step 4Increase your protein intake

In the carbohydrate depletion phase, you should do the Protein intake increase from the recommended two grams per kilogram of body weight to 2.5 grams per kilogram of body weight. If carbohydrate depletion cuts calories too much, especially if you are a great bodybuilder, you increase fat intake. A great way to do this is to eat peanuts or natural peanut butter before bed. Other suggestions are salmon and red meat.

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Step 5Increase the training volume

The is one of the hardest parts because you have fewer carbohydrates and calories too sich nehmen und deshalb weniger Energie haben. The Ziel ist, die Glykogen To completely empty the memory in the muscles. Some experts suggest training many repetitions, but others think you can do more Repetitions lose muscle density. Instead, they recommend as hard as possible to lift, but to increase the training volume (i.e. additional sets close). You also need to do additional cardio training.

Step 6Reduce your sodium intake on day 2

The is more difficult than it sounds, because there is salt in almost every food. Even chicken breasts - fresh or frozen - are often in Soaked in salt.

Step 7More carbohydrates from day 2

This Step is probably the spongiest. If you go to the store on day 2 start and continue until the morning before the competition (which in most Cases Thursday and Friday as well as Saturday morning before the area code is called) You need more than two full days to replenish glycogen stores. Some bodybuilders may need to start Wednesday while doing it for others it is enough to start on Friday. They might do a couple of competitions need to find out how your body reacts. You should too choose starchy carbohydrates. Unlike the rest of the year in which you Eating brown foods, now is the time to go to white products (that is, White bread, white rice, potatoes etc.).

Step 8Reduce protein intake during the loading phase

a make sure that you don't exceed your calorie limit, causing fat accumulation would encourage you to reduce protein intake when you start Load carbohydrates. So a few days before the competition you don't have to Worrying about losing muscle mass.

Step 9 Reduce the water intake

On day 1, you should get your water intake up 1 to 1.5 liters beschränken. Am ganzen Wettkampftag trinken Sie nur schluckweise. Versuchen Sie, den Verbrauch auf unter einem Liter zu halten.

Step 10Exercise easily

The is another controversial point in the overall process. Some experts recommend from three to four days before the competition (i.e. Tuesday or Wednesday) even stop exercising while others say you can exercise until Friday can, but lightly and with low volume. We advise you by feeling to go. You will probably get through the calorie limit and the whole Posing doesn't have a lot of energy to train anyway.

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