Achieve record-breaking growth through 3D load position training.

Muscle growth und damit meine ich riesige Fortschritte sollte für die meisten Bodybuilder viel einfacher werden. Schließlich ist die superschnelle Hypertrophy already succeeded in the laboratory. In an animal experiment, for example, in just one month with a specific overload 300 Prozent Zuwachs generated in muscle mass. You read that right. Three times as much in 30 days!

Imagine if your biceps and triceps tripled in a month. Oh man! In Japan you even have more than 800 percent Compared to the standard training. But more on that later.

Are you excited now? You should if you are looking for quick gains because you too can benefit from these phenomenal results!

Secret of growth revealed

The Secret of Growth seems to amaze every generation of bodybuilders. Many quit or overtrain without any growth, others nehmen gefährliche Drogen, um halbwegs anständige Zuwächse zu erzielen. The doesn't have to be, at least for those with reasonably decent genetics to have. It's not that hard to add a lot of bulk if you can know how to use the findings of scientists in an extreme in the studio implement anabolic environment.

It depends on three things:

  • Exercise selection
  • intensity
  • recreation

Let's start by choosing the exercises so that every workout in the studio really pays off. This is where the anabolic acceleration begins!

3D muscle building

No she do not need special glasses. The "3D" stands for three attacks each muscle, and each of these positions, provides specific - often drastic ones - anabolic and hypertrophic stimuli, which science also proves.

You will complete up to three exercises for each part of the bodychosen for their particular effectiveness:

  • Mid-range exercises for maximum strength
  • stretched for overload in the stretch
  • contracts for permanent tension and occlusion


These are usually compound exercises that challenge multiple muscle groups at once - the big exercises that involve multiple joints. Thanks to the cooperation of muscles, you can overload the target muscle with heavy weights (at Squats or at Deadlift). Not only do they overload the muscles, they also use hard work to drive up anabolic hormones such as testosterone to exhaustion.

The anabolic So ability of these exercises arises from muscle teamwork and maximum Overload, with the high weights you optimize the force generation. The creates an anabolic cascade that builds the FT muscle fibers - the fibers with the highest growth potential. If you do not generate enough force and do not work on it, you will not induce growth in these fibers. So easy it is. However, there is more to extreme growth than just FT fibers.

Mid-range exercises include:

  • Close-grip bench press (triceps)
  • Chin-ups (lat muscles)
  • Squats (quadriceps)

The turbo are the X-Reps: If you feel exhausted around the eighth or ninth repetition of a set, lower the resistance to a point where the target muscle is half-stretched, such as near the bottom of the incline press. Now do 20 centimeter partial reps to increase strength and activate more FT fibers. This bypasses the failure of the nervous system and continues to activate the high threshold motor units.


I already mentioned the animal study with 300 percent growth in just one month. The muscles were only subjected to a progressive overload during stretching. The scientists increased the resistance on a bird's wing in the stretched position in one month. In her opinion, the extreme muscle growth after these "training sessions" is due to hyperplasia or fiber division: "With this approach, the greatest increases ever were achieved in animals or people with stress-induced overload - up to 334 percent growth in muscle mass and up to 90 percent more fibers!" according to the study's authors.

Arnold Schwarzenegger took advantage of the strain overload for exceptional anabolic adaptation. So Arnold made flyers with dumbbells for the chest in the lower area.

Exercises in the stretched position like Sissy squats for the quadriceps and linings for the lat muscles have unique properties for building muscle, including the release of anabolic hormones in the target muscles.


So the researchers claim that much of the gains are due to more fibers, rather than larger fibers. But is it really important to you how it comes about? You want the same to happen to your muscles, right now! To do this, you need to overload the stretch with almost every workout. Light, hands-free stretching or yoga programs are not enough. You need the overload, and that is weight (like heavy flyers with dumbbells). Like the mid-range exercises, movements create a lot of force in the stretch.

A Bonus: Stretching exercises have also been linked to the release of anabolic hormones in muscle tissue. So they stimulate hypertrophy very strongly.

Arnold knew that instinctively. In the flying with dumbbells, he emphasized the stretch in the lower area and never went more than halfway up. He used heavy dumbbells and aimed at the muscle elongation area. He tormented himself through the painful overload in the stretch. Is that why his chest got so huge? And he did the same with the calves. He often made donkeys, a movement in the stretched position, with particular emphasis on the lower part at the end of sentences. His calves grew extremely large. Was that also due to the hyperplasia? Hmm ...

Tom place, a legendary bodybuilder with huge thighs, did a combination of Hackenschmidt and Sissy squats. When he was exhausted, he went into the sissy's lower, stretched position and did as many partial reps as possible. Did he owe his crazy quadriceps to the extreme overload in the stretch? It is possible. Interesting - at least if you're interested in growth.

Emphasize today Ronnie Coleman und Jay Cutler the overload when the muscle is stretched. Their DVDs show them taking care to stretch the muscles with heavy weights. Coleman often only does the lower, stretched portion of the exercise and sets in a distinct explosion there, while Cutler shows a double or triple jolt at the point of stretch in many exercises.

Exercises in the stretched position include:

  • Overhead extensions (triceps)
  • Covers (lat muscles)
  • Sissy Squats (Quadriceps)

The turbo here: Double X overload. Jay Cutler does this on many exercises: a single, double, or quadruple jolt at the semi-stretch point of each rep. For example, when you do the overhead extension for the triceps, lower the dumbbells behind your head to the full stretch, walk up about 8 inches, then back down, and finally move up to end the rep. You can do one or more of these partial reps in between reps to attack the stretched position more thoroughly.


The interruption of blood flow to the muscle, the so-called occlusion, works wonders for strength and mass. This can be an adaptation effect to the lack of energy and nutrients. In a study from the "Journal of Strength Conditioning Research“ (1997) wurde mit einer Manschette am Oberarm die Blutzufuhr zum Unterarm für zwei Minuten unterbrochen. Dann wurde sie abgenommen, und die Personen machten Handgelenk-Curls.

The result: The participants who previously had their blood flow cut off had 20 percent more strength gain than those without a cuff. Yes, 20 percent! So if you can bench 100 pounds, 20 percent more means 120 pounds - on the spot!

And the mass? The Japanese have experimented with the "Kaatsu" occlusion technique. They received a modest seven percent increase in the cross-section of the quadriceps in four months with standard training, but with the occlusion technique eight percent in just two weeks! Really, better results in an eighth of the time, 2 weeks instead of 16.

These are 800 percent more growth thanks to occlusion. Wow! Now you know why the best bodybuilders use continuous tension sets, they force the blood out of the muscle and have the occlusion effect that increases mass and strength. You can do this if you don't give the muscle a break during the set.

But why the interruption of the blood flow provides such spectacular mass and Strength gains? Part of this is certainly due to the incredible flow of blood that then begins and the development of endurance components such as capillary beds and cell mitochondria.

The Research has shown that resuming blood flow can do anything produce: from an increased release of heat shock proteins to Changes in the muscle's calcium metabolism (calcium contributes to contraction at) and the improved recruitment of FT fibers. But the numbers are particularly exciting: a conservative estimate of eight Percent increase in quadriceps times twelve months - oh man! With that you have thighs twice as thick in one year!

Wie gesagt, die Schlüssel zur Okklusion sind Dauerspannung (keine Pause für den Zielmuskel im Satz) und Widerstand in der kontrahierten Position, der das Blut aus dem Muskel treibt. Da heißt in der Regel Isolationsübungen (wie Beinstrecken) mit vielen Wiederholungen. Diese Übungen sorgen für das berüchtigte Brennen, das selbst schon anabol wirkt. Es steht in direkter Verbindung mit dem HGH-Ausstoß, was eine Studie aus dem „Canadian Journal of Applied Physiology“ (1997) bestätigt. Das kann mit dem erhöhten Milchsäurewert im Muskel zu tun haben, der ja teilweise für das Brennen verantwortlich ist. Oder es ist der Occlusion effect - or both. HGH is so important because it synergistically makes the other anabolic hormones like testosterone (triggered by mid-range exercises) stronger. In addition, HGH helps burn body fat faster.

More repetitions or reduction sets make the exercises in the contracted position more effective and bring you full pumps.

Phew! Now, see the anabolic benefits of the contracted position exercises and their unique properties?

Exercises in the contracted position include:

  • Press triceps (triceps)
  • Lat pulldowns with straight arms (Latmuskelnn)
  • BeinStrecken (Quadrizeps)

The turbo: More repetitions or reduction sets. If you want to increase the time under tension, twelve to 15 repetitions make the exercises under constant tension even more effective. Or you can do two sets of medium repetitions one after the other (super sets).

Mehr über Supersätze lesen sie in unseren Trainingsbeitrag > >

So take Use a leg extension weight that will exhaust you at 10 repetitions are. Then reduce the weight and immediately do a set that you do Do about six repetitions.

Both methods get you full pump. Bei Reduction rates get more of the hard final repetitions that hit the high threshold motor units, but also a short break between sets. What is better? Neither one. They are different. Do both!

That was a lot of information now, but you should recognize the three-fold approach: Exercises in the middle, in the stretched and in the contracted position.


The most drastic example of this approach occurred in the early 1990s Jonathan Lawson with the zehnwöchigen Size-Surge-Programm. In the first five weeks he completed a basic program, mostly compound exercises and almost none in the stretched position. For the last five weeks he would shock his muscles with the 3D loading positions for every part of the body. He hit every muscle with mid-range work and in the stretched and contracted positions - but only with one or two work sets.

The Results were amazing, especially in the second phase with the overload in the stretch. He did not achieve 300 percent growth like the bird in that Study, but he put on 10 pounds of muscle over ten weeks.

Jonathan Lawson Transformation

A good An example of this program is his two-phase biceps workout. In the first For five weeks he only did barbell curls (middle range) and concentration curls (contracted), one or two work sets each on Wednesday (he trained Back, chest and deltas on Monday and Friday, which includes the arms, so he had arm labor three times a week). The first five weeks made up the anabolic release phase with almost no exercises in the stretched position.

In Phase two he did the full 3D load position program for each part of the body. The biceps included barbell curls, incline curls, and Concentration curls every four to five days. The curls on the incline are an important exercise for overload in stretching. He did with everyone Exercise just one or two work sets - four or five total for the Biceps.

Jonathan gained two inches of arms in the ten weeks and did not build any fat up, his waist was even an inch narrower.

Here is his full 3D stress position program for the biceps

  • Mittlerer Bereich: Langhantel- oder Kurzhantelcurls 2 x 7-9
  • Gedehnt: Kurzhantelcurls an der Schrägbank 1 -2 x 7-9
  • Kontrahiert: Konzentrationscurls 1 -2 x 7-9

With the above mentioned turbo for the intensity it would look like this:

  • Mittlerer Bereich: Kabelcurls (X-Reps) 1 x 7-9
  • Gedehnt: Kurzhantelcurls an der Schrägbank (doppelte X-Überlastung) 1 x 7-9
  • Kontrahiert: Konzentratlonscurls (Reduktionssatz) 1 x 7-9

The first exercise we do cable curls, because regular barbell curls don't do X-reps - that's a leverage problem. And in the second program, you do fewer sets because of the higher intensity. Does it work? Jonathan still makes variations of these 3D load position programs and has 48 centimeter arms, although his wrists are six inches narrow. Most experts would assume a delicate bone structure that does not carry much mass. Jonathan's arms prove otherwise.

Conclusion - 3D load position program

The principle of stress “3D” is a relatively simple, scientifically based concept that addresses all facets of growth precisely and efficiently. It is based on anabolic acceleration. Other users had even bigger gains than Jonathan. I am 48 years old and with this strategy I had one of the best gains of my life. Try the new 3D biceps program! Go to exhaustion and beyond with each work set and feel how it works. Are you making progress in arm circumference like Jonathan? Try it. You have nothing to lose - and tons of muscle to gain!

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