Vince Taylor - Interview - MASTER BODY AT 55

Vince Taylor - Master Body at 55 - February 2011

Q. Hi Vince how are you?

Vince Taylor: I'm doing very well, I'm living the American dream right now. I live in Florida with my wife Randi. Great weather and beach, it's really nice here. We are watching my 2 sons Vince Jr. (16) and Isaiah (14) grow up. My last competition in professional bodybuilding was in 2008, where I did the Class Over 50 won. And of course not to be forgotten Mister Olympia 2006 - 11th place - Mister Vince Taylor. I think that was a good goodbye to competitive bodybuilding. In 2007, I suffered a minor back injury, which got worse in 2008. That crossed my plans. And who would have known Situps was the end of my career.

Q. How often do you exercise? What is your diet doing?

Vince Taylor: I'm back in the studio, wait a few more weeks and you'll see a master body at 55. But I only train for myself, no competitions. I only train lightly and with a lot of repetitions. My training has become more mature and healthier. I try to eat healthy, but not every day. I need my cold cola every morning that will never change.

Q. What are you currently doing?

Vince Taylor: I have now swapped my posing pants for the microphone. I travel a lot and give seminars on health, fitness and nutrition. It's fantastic to talk to and share experiences with lots of people of all ages.

Q. You wanted to come to Germany in April. Are there any guest appearances planned besides Fibo?

Vince Taylor: I'm really happy to announce… that I'll be at FIBO in Essen in April. I can be seen there at the VIT.O.BEST booth. I'm really looking forward to seeing my fans and friends again. I will also present my Vince Taylor 'Legends Tour' there. Then a few guest appearances and seminars in Germany are planned. I will also visit my favorite city Berlin. I want to see how Berlin has changed in the last 20 years. I used to live there and have very many good memories of this city. My niece lives in Berlin and works as a fitness trainer. She promised me she'd do old Vince Fit. Ha, ha, ha ...

Q. In November there is an IFBB - PRO WORLD MASTERS 2011 competition, would you like to take part?

Vince Taylor: I was looking forward to a Masters competition in Florida around the corner from me, great. Unfortunately, I learned that there is only one class there. It is very difficult to be on stage at my age with athletes who are 15 years younger. I think I'll sit in the audience and drink my coke….

Q. Thanks Vince for the interview.

Vince Taylor: As always, it was a pleasure, I'm looking forward to FIBO. I'll see you there.