Alb Ramona Valerie

Ramona Valerie Alb - CV

Born: 25.04.1986
Resident: Stuttgart
Job: Hairdresser, fitness modelActive since: 11/2009 competitions since 04/2010
Size: 173 cm
Weight: Off-Season: ca.65 kg
Competition: that. 58 kg

Chest: 92 cm
Tailie: 65 cm
Hip: 95
Thigh: 57 cm
Calves: 35 cm

Hobbies: Sports. Dance, fashion

Ramona Valerie Alb - Success

Miss FIBO Power Beauty Newcomer 2010 – Platz 2
Baden-Württemberg Championship 2010 in the bikini class - 3rd place
Int. Donau Cup 2010 – Platz 1
IFBB German Championship 2010 in the bikini class - 2nd place
IFBB - 2010 Int. Rhein Neckar Pokal in the bikini class - 1st place
IFBB - Int. German Championship 2010 - Bikini - 2nd place

Baden-Württemberg Championship 2011 - Bikini - 1st place
IFBB - German Championship 2011 - Bikini - 2nd place

IFBB - Baden-Württemberg Championship 2012 - 1st place
IFBB - German Championship 2012 - 1st place

Valerie Ramona Alb - Interview (Dec. 2010)

F. At the
Int. German Championships 2010 did you take 2nd place, are you satisfied with the placement?
Ramona Valerie Alb:
Yes, I am satisfied with the placement. My goal was to get into the top 3 and it worked. There were a lot of good girls there.

Q. You have only been active in the bikini class for about 1 year. How did you get into it and what did you do before?
Ramona Valerie Alb: I got into the sport more or less through my boyfriend. He has been practicing bodybuilding as a hobby for years. As a result, I looked at a lot of sports magazines and also many videos from IFBB Pros and then I started weight training and so one thing led to another! I've been doing sports all my life e.g. Athletics, snowboarding, cycling, swimming, etc. just recreational sports.

Q. What is your training like? What changes in the preparation for the competition?
Ramona Valerie Alb:
My workout is that I always do strength training 5-6 times a week, endurance training.
In my preparation phase I also train 5-6 times a week, the only thing that changes is the cardio. This then increases to 1-2 hours per day, depending on my body condition.

Q. How much do you need to be careful with your diet to keep that figure?
Ramona Valerie Alb: A correct and clean diet is essential for sport.

Q. Does Valerie have "lazy" days without exercise and with unhealthy food?
Ramona Valerie Alb: Yes, I have days like that too * laughs * I am happy to eat what I want for a few days after a stressful season, but it is limited. Once a week I treat myself to a cheat day and then I eat whatever I feel like.

Q. Your sponsor, Ironmaxx, specializes in nutritional supplements for athletes and fitness. Which products would you recommend to women as a supplement to fitness training.
Ramona Valerie Alb: Of course, it always depends on the goal of every woman.
I personally recommend: Carnitine Pro Caps, Body`N Diet, ImmuFuel and depending on the Amino Craft Liquid from Ironmaxx.

Q. The bikini class in Germany is very young. How do you like the development and what would you like to change?
Ramona Valerie Alb: I think the introduction of the bikini class is great. It is a great introduction for women who do not have that much competition and diet experience. You can also get a taste of the fact that one or the other might switch to the class. I think the development so far is great and I think the girls are getting better and better too.

Q. Are you planning to switch to the fitness class?
Ramona Valerie Alb:
Not until now. We then see what the future brings.

Q. What are your plans for 2011. Will we see you at FIBO Power 2011?
Ramona Valerie Alb:
So far I don't have any firm plans for 2011.
First I will recover from my 6 competitions and then start 2011 with new energy :-) I'll be there at Fibo. You can find me at the Ironmaxx booth.