World’s Strongest Man 2019 – Results

Martins Licis wins at WORLD’S STRONGEST MAN 2019

After a We have one of the most exciting back and forth competitions in recent times new, strongest man in the world: Martins Licis from the USA. With his victory will Licis one of the few strong men who competed on her first Win an appearance on the podium.

In a series of strenuous qualifications, participants brave the heat and humidity in Bradenton, Florida right from the start. The crowd was invited to one of the toughest and most unpredictable fights the sport had ever seen. In the end, the 28-year-old Licis stood on the podium and improved to fourth place from 2017 to 2018. At the beginning of the year he took Arnold Strongman Classic 2019 den zweiten Platz.

Matthew Kieliszkowski (Poland) took second place and Hafthor Bjornsson (Iceland) third place.

While some of the best competitors struggled with injuries, a younger group of challengers competed in the WSM Finals. Especially 2018 WSM Champion Hafthor Björnsson broke on the first day of the Wettbewerbs während des Super Yoke & Farmer’s Walk Medley-Events , bei dem he had to compete with the American competitor Rob Kearney who Plantar fascia. Hoping to repeat his 2018 win, Björnsson continued the competition and reached the final, but observer pointed out that the injury will prevent the reigning master seemed. After a string of wins earlier in the year, Björnsson almost saw it unstoppable, and many experts predicted that he was likely would easily repeat.

Others notable injuries were the Achilles tendon in Laurence Shahlaei and Sigfus Fossdal, a biceps tear in Robert Oberst and a triceps tear in Konstantine Janashia.

Although we will never know exactly to what extent the injury will affect the outcome of the Competition, it is clear that the competition was very intense: A mixture of young, hungry competitors and experienced, strong ones Veterans traveled to Florida and performed great to face the challenges to deliver.


  1. Martins Licis (USA)
  2. Mateusz Kieliszkowski (Poland)
  3. Hafthor Bjornsson (Iceland)
  4. JF Caron (Canada)
  5. Tom Stoltman (Great Britain)
  6. Brian Shaw (USA)
  7. Luke Stoltman (Great Britain)
  8. Trey Mitchell (USA)
  9. Adam Bishop (Great Britain)
  10. Konstantine Janashia (Georgia)

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