Those who drink green tea every day not only stay healthy, but will also develop a well-toned body.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Parisian artists couldn't get enough of the hallucinogenic vermouth spirit Absinth to get. They called him “la fee verte”, the green fairy. He fueled her dreams and inspired her works of art. Today we have our own fairy who fuels our dream of the ideal body and stimulates our training.

And this fairy is called green tea. Here are the reasons why it is so important to us.

Green tea contains a potent one Polyphenol namens Epigallocatechin Gallat (EGCG)which is responsible for practically everything that distinguishes it.

EGCG is an antioxidant, that fights cancer and inflammation Recovery process accelerated and on after training most importantly increases the metabolism.

All we already knew that. However, new research has also shown how good green tea is for building your body.


Study 1

In one study, subjects got either Green tea extract or prescribed a placebo. Then they had to train for 30 minutes on the ergometer. As it turned out, those who did Green tea extract had burned 17 percent more fat.

Study 2

Another study looked at which parts of the body the broken down fat could come from. Subjects were allowed to consume a constant number of calories. They did moderate exercise regularly and were either prescribed a drink, that EGCG oder ein Placebo enthielt. Nach zwölf Wochen hatten beide Gruppen Körperfett abgebaut. Die Personen aus der EGCG-Gruppe hatten jedoch wesentlich mehr Fett im Bauchbereich verloren.

EGCG therefore belongs in your dietary supplement arsenal.

Just like that What is important, however, is the form in which it is taken.

Studies have shown that the polyphenols contained in tea are absorbed by the body are better absorbed when taken in supplement form (for example green tea extract). However, this does not mean that you shouldn't drink green tea.

It is gives a possibility of the so-called "bioavailability" of the Promote polyphenols in liquid tea.


VOR DEM FRÜHSTÜCK: 500mg green tea extract

ONE HOUR BEFORE TRAINING: 500mg green tea extract

VOR DEM ABENDESSEN: 500mg green tea extract

Study 3

A Study examined various tea additives and measured how many polyphenols were left over after digestion.

Black tea retained less than ten percent of its polyphenols. However, when citrus juice such as lemon was added to tea, the number of remaining polyphenols increased to 75 percent after digestion.

To attempt So you should mix some green tea into the orange juice Drink it in the morning or before exercise. Or drink the tea evenly spread over the day with a lemon wedge.

Then you will see how easy it is to include green tea extract in the supplement plan.

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